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Biomagnetic Therapy, Healing & Reverse Aging Products & Books

Burl Payne, Ph.D., has helped finance his research organization, Magnetism & Youthing Foundation, by writing and publishing books on the health effects of magnetism and developing biomagnetic products that promote these effects. His research shows that the aging process can be slowed down, general health improves, and the incidence of debilitating diseases and ailments decreases when the influence of magnets is applied to parts of the body.

In addition to books and monographs, the company markets magnetic healing products, such as the Pulsed Magnetic Generator ($495), Biomagnetic Kits ($50), Brain Harmonizer ($85) (to reduce headaches), and the Power Pulsar ($295). Book titles include “Getting Started in Magnetic Healing,” “The Body Magnetic,” and a how-to video ($49). This is an ideal New Age list for nutritional supplements, alternative health and treatments, books, retreats, meditation products, music and audios.

Ideal List Selection Choice For:

Nutritional Supplements

New Age Music

Eastern Religions Interests


Alternative Health & New Age

Meditation Accessories


Spas & Resorts

Conferences & Retreats


Audio Tapes

Health & Wellness




Terms & Conditions.

Base Rental Rate is $110/M. The following selects, where available, are $5/M: Geo, Gender, SIC, Employee Size, Sales Volume, Title. 3-Month Recency is available at $15/M; 6-Month Recency at $10/M. Key coding is $5/M. Media charge of $50 flat includes one of the following: E-Mail, FTP, Disk, FedEx Shipping & Handling. Pressure-sensitive labels are $15/M. Orders cancelled after shipping will be billed at $50 flat plus $15/M running charge. Minimum order is 5,000 addresses. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time by clicking here: contact@hartandbenjamin.net