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Hart & Benjamin is a list manager. We represent various list owners in the rental of their lists to other mailers. The list owners receive a royalty on these sales. There is no risk or expense to the list owners. Hart & Benjamin carries all the costs of promotion, sales, list maintenance, and shipping.

If you have an in-house list, no matter how small or large, you might consider asking us about our List Management Services. This service offers you, the list owner, with several tangible benefits:

  • You receive additional dollars for the resource of your own mailing list. The amount of royalties received depends of course upon the size of the list and how widely it may be used. A typical list owner receives between 25 cents to $1 per name per year, depending on usage. This additional income goes on the bottom line of your profit statement, as there is absolutely no risk or expense in administering it.
  • All of the lists that we manage receive a rigorous and professional cleaning and updating, including deduping, address standardization, address deliverability, gender identification, and over 20 other steps. Often our list management clients request our copy of their list for their own mailings because it is cleaner and more accurate. This service is provided to our List Management clients without charge.
  • Because we are in contact with hundreds of companies who use lists like yours, we frequently are in a position to obtain lists without cost for our List Management clients through exchanges and trades, which are always approved of in advance by the list owner.
  • Over time, the list owner sees who has tested and continued their lists. This information provides the list owner with valuable insight on future list selections and strategies for their own mailings.
  • As Hart & Benjamin develops familiarity with your market, we are frequently able to offer recommendations for many types of marketing strategies, including list selection, product offers and pricing, and new niche markets. This insight can benefit and sharpen your business focus.

Your in-house list can create valuable additional resources for your company. Please call us to inquire about this special service. All calls of this nature are strictly confidential. We’ll offer a candid and expert response about your opportunity to earn additional income with your list.
Please feel free to contact us at any time by clicking here: contact@hartandbenjamin.net