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Hart & Benjamin was founded in 1995 to fill a gap in the list brokerage and list management industry. The founders realized that although there were about 1200 list companies in the U.S., the biggest of these companies focused on the needs of the biggest mailers, with huge databases of millions of names, or were small one or two-person companies serving a small local group of mailers. There was no national company in between these two extremes to serve the many companies whose in-house lists were small or had limited niche appeal, or those companies whose mailings might appear on the national scale to be small. It seemed right to create a company that would find and represent the interests of these smaller list owners and that also would give the personalized and efficient service smaller mailers would require.

Since our modest beginning with just a few lists, Hart & Benjamin now offers about 50 different response lists. The combined databases of our list management clients offer more than 4 million quality response addresses. We have served hundreds of mailers, and our quality lists are used over and over again by those companies who have tested them. This is a testament to the quality, accuracy, and targeted nature of our lists.

Hart & Benjamin’s lists are housed in an independent List Services Bureau. This bureau is staffed with a dozen list professionals, with the latest software and equipment. We can fill any kind of order or medium. Our fulfillment service is rapid. We offer 24-hour shipping or e-mail capability without extra rush charges.

Our lists are continually updated with additions and corrections from the list owners. In addition, these lists are cleansed with regularly scheduled National Change of Address updates. You can depend on a Hart & Benjamin list to be 99% deliverable and to be a timely and active direct mail responder.

Because we have helped many companies plan their mailings, we have become experts in list selections for certain industries. Since our founding we have added a comprehensive List Brokerage division. If you seek counsel on the types of lists and sources that you may require for your direct marketing effort, the Hart & Benjamin List Division will be happy to offer recommendations not only of our own lists, if that is appropriate, but also for lists sourced from other companies. This service is free, as we earn our commission from the various list suppliers if you should order your lists through Hart & Benjamin. We don’t claim to be expert in every market, but if your needs should fall in an area where we have experience, we’ll be glad to offer this service to you.


Please feel free to contact us at any time by clicking here: contact@hartandbenjamin.net