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Direct Marketed CD-Rom Exercise Programs for Rehab Professionals

100% Direct Response Customer Database

Touted in medical journals as “…an excellent tool for any setting where the users need to develop exercise programs…,” PC-Kits(TM) are the country’s leading publisher of computerized collections of exercise collections. Users “click and drag” the desired exercise from a huge database of professionally prepared illustrations to create a customized exercise prescription for their patients. PC-Kits(TM) are praised for their high quality.

There are fourteen different collections. Users must purchase a Program Module ($99) then add to it any of the specific collections they may desire, which are priced between $40 to $170. Prospects are direct mailed a catalog and are able to preview modules with a free demo upon request. The demo allows previews of all illustrations on any module.

PC-Kits(TM) are purchased by PTs, OTs, Speech Pathologists, Geriatric PTs, Fitness Trainers, Athletic Trainers, and the health care institutions that offer these types of services, such as hospitals, fitness clubs, and sports medicine/PT clinics.

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Terms and Conditions.

Base Rental Rate is $110/M. The following selects, where available, are $5/M: Geo, Gender, SIC, Employee Size, Sales Volume, Title. 3-Month Recency is available at $15/M; 6-Month Recency at $10/M. Key coding is $5/M. Media charge of $50 flat includes one of the following: E-Mail, FTP, Disk, FedEx Shipping & Handling. Pressure-sensitive labels are $15/M. Orders cancelled after shipping will be billed at $50 flat plus $15/M running charge. Minimum order is 5,000 addresses.

Please feel free to contact us at any time by clicking here: contact@hartandbenjamin.net