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Seminars, Training Courses, Books, Video/CDs, Audio Books And Tapes

CEO Michael Gerber is author of the best-selling books, The E-Myth Revisited, The E-Myth Manager, The Power Point, and the new The E-Myth Contractor. His intensive training courses, seminars, and speaking engagements have transformed the practices of thousands of businesses. Practicing what he preaches, his company has maintained its customer database with precision and excellence. Average order size exceeds $300!

These active responders have shown their loyalty to the E-Myth concept and practices by repeated purchases and commitments. Books, tapes, CDs and other products range in price from $15 to seminar and training commitments up to $495.

Many buyers have responded multiple times to build their library of resources or to increase their, or their employee’s, knowledge.

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Terms and Conditions.

Base Rental Rate is $110/M. The following selects, where available, are $5/M: Geo, Gender, SIC, Employee Size, Sales Volume, Title. 3-Month Recency is available at $15/M; 6-Month Recency at $10/M. Key coding is $5/M. Media charge of $50 flat includes one of the following: E-Mail, FTP, Disk, FedEx Shipping & Handling. Pressure-sensitive labels are $15/M. Orders cancelled after shipping will be billed at $50 flat plus $15/M running charge. Minimum order is 5,000 addresses.

Please feel free to contact us at any time by clicking here: contact@hartandbenjamin.net