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Investment Banking, Financial Services for Accredited Investors; Specializing in Regulation D Private Placements


Exclusive with Hart & Benjamin!


100% at Home Address

  73% Male

  60% Phone Numbers

The Wall Street Organization, Inc.TM (WSO) is an investment banking and financial public relations company, specializing in the coordination of capital formation, reverse mergers and consulting for distressed public companies.

Their extensive financial public relations expertise is focused primarily on Regulation D Private Placements for accredited investors, together with Regulation A Offerings.

One of their principal benefits to clients is the ability to communicate and influence to their proprietary database of qualified investors*. These investors have sought information from WSO through their website, at meetings and conferences held for this express purpose, and through e-mail and mail communications.

*WSO qualifies all of its investor participants according to the following criteria.

This list meet these requirements:

$1 million net worth exclusive of home

Excellent credit rating

$200,000 annual income for last three years

Known investor

Investment interest

Has investment goals


Terms and Conditions.

Base Rental Rate is $110/M. The following selects, where available, are $5/M: Geo, Gender, SIC, Employee Size, Sales Volume, Title. 3-Month Recency is available at $15/M; 6-Month Recency at $10/M. Key coding is $5/M. Media charge of $50 flat includes one of the following: E-Mail, FTP, Disk, FedEx Shipping & Handling. Pressure-sensitive labels are $15/M. Orders cancelled after shipping will be billed at $50 flat plus $15/M running charge. Minimum order is 5,000 addresses.

Please feel free to contact us at any time by clicking here: contact@hartandbenjamin.net